Happy Friday everyone !! I cannot believe it's already the end of the week, time flies when I'm having fun with the family&friends. I have another week here in Romania, and then I'm back to gloomy Liverpool :(

To brighten up this beginning of the weekend, I decided post this fun look in which I was able to mix&match different prints without looking like a clown or overwhelming.

I found this checkered shirt in Zara, it is "kinda" cropped and what I love most about it is the detailed sleeve. The masculine cut in combination with the long ties are a definitely statement this season. I know Pinterest is beaming with tied handcuffs or sleeves... and I'm all about that trend.

The playsuit is my favourite piece; it's comfortable, easy to style, clean cut and wide-leg. The key words in my wardrobe as of August ;) It tones down the look, gives it more charisma and is in juxtaposition with the top. The complement each other beautifully.

For accessories, I decided to go classy yet casual. My Saint Laurent monogram bag and my fave Adidas Superstars <3

Simple pieces that come together to form a simple, yet catchy look <3

Top: ZARA | Playsuit: Fashion Union | Bag: Saint Laurent | Shoes: Adidas

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