Hello everyone, I am back again with another blog post after what it feeks like months. I needed a break to focus a bit on myself and to learn to manage my time better, but I am back and , hopefully able to post more often again.

Today, I wanted to talk a bit about knits and how to best wear them and stay warm.

This AW season I have been obsessed with knitwear, whether thick or thin, I want it all to myself.
- my only requirements: soft please !

I hate nothing more than those knitted jumpers that rub against my skin, cause irritations, are itchy and in one word: UNCOMFORTABLE

I have been browsing shops and the internet for a few of my fave pieces, and for the next weeks I will have posts featuring and how I like to wear them.

Grey for days

Black pieces have taken the 1st place in my wardrobe and I've been wearing them almost daily, maybe with a touch a silver accessories, a pair of jacquard boots or a pair of blue jeans (see my Instagram for more of that :-D )


I also like to add light coloured knits into the mix.
-it is a bit tricky to find a nude knitted jumper that isn't going to make me look bulky or massive. I found this grey turtle neck jumper with fabric straps on the sleeves while frantically looking on SheIn for the best winter pieces. 

It is more of a cropped length making it great for a pair of high waisted bell shaped jeans such as the ones I found on ASOS. I added a basic belt with silver ring detail for a bit of sparkle and to mirror the colour of my new Oana Galmati silver rings. They are amazing, minimalist and right up my street. I am trying to buy pieces from smaller companies or independent artists as I like to encourage new talents, plus everything can be personalised and tailored to my needs. 

For extra warmth, I added my faux leather jacket because I hate being cold and I love that this jumper is perfect to be worn underneath coats or jackets without making me feel as if I am Frosty the Snowman ;-) Kept the fabric straps loose for an effortless look 

Jacket: ZARA | Jumper: SheIn | Trousers: Asos | Rings: Oana Galmati | Bag: Aliexpress 

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