I cannot tell you how happy I am that, finally, after a lot of work&help from my boyfriend (Thank you Vlad again), I am able to post this outfit !
    If you follow me on Twitter: @AndraVaida  or Facebook: Andra Vaida - you may already know what I am rambling about. Long story short - I am not very good with technology and I am not trying to be either, my partner is the IT guy in our household. Yesterday I, somehow managed to DELETE the photos from the SD card - major panic attack - and like any other normal person, I went to Google for help. Installed Pandora and recovered some photos, but lucky as I am-not- no photo that I actually needed was found. Thank God for Vlad, who arrived from work and did his magic computer spell and, here they are-back in my life! 
Lesson of the day: 
*firstly, store the data on the computer or external driver, Andra!!!

It was a black type of day for me. I used to hate THE BLACK, but now I find myself constantly choosing black pieces from my wardrobe. It's so versatile that I just can't resist it, so dear designers and clothes manufacturers, please never stop the black supply.

For me, this look starts&ends with the statement necklace. It's such an amazing piece, colourful but not overpowering, loaded with charms but not tacky. It's perfect for spicing up an outfit. If you are the type of person who doesn't put a lot of effort into planning an outfit, or you just likes a classic, plain look and are looking for something that can make it more fashionable or present, a statement necklace is the key for success - make sure you keep the outfit simple.

Hair is in a low ponytail, for a simple, no fuss day. Faux leather pants to keep me warm and add an edge to the look, tiger print shirt to add dimension and bring the attention to my top half even more. I've chosen the grey cocoon type of coat with a nice structured and open collar because I didn't want more black or a bright colour either. I think it balances the outfit pretty well :)

Make-up wise, I wanted a strong look (dark blue smokey eyes) with a soft touch of nude pink (inspiration: Alina Ceusan's blog, post: Nude Lips - she's a very fashionable -blogger-lady) to make it more day time appropriate.

As you can see, Leia is being such a diva. She loves being the centre of attention and has to be in every picture I take. Diva !
Hope you are having a chic day, my ladies !!

Necklace - ASOS
Shirt - ZARA
Sweater - ZARA
Pleather leggings - PRIMARK
Boots - ASOS
Frames - Tom Ford 

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