Casual day 

I've decided to let the pictures talk.
More pictures & less talking!

This look I based on the 2 necklaces that I've recently bought. I wanted to wear something basic, no fuss, no trouble.

More accents - Perfume bottle bag

I wanted to add something that would match the gold coins, and my instinct was this gorgeous bag which I only wore once. It is quite small and can only hold my bank cards and phone, but I'm fine with that. The design is too pretty to say 'NO' to it. 

 The top is a super soft basic T-Shirt, pleather leggings and my already famous and well loved zip.
For the 'top layer' I added this extremely soft coat, I always feel like I'm a toy when wearing it, but it's the most comfortable thing ever!


Necklaces: Primark
T-shirt: FOREVER21
Leggings: ZARA

Presents ?
As I was writing this post, the delivery guy called me to go downstairs and pick up a parcel. I knew instantly that is was bearing gifts from Vlad. He kindly bought me this amazing pair of loafers which I posted a few days ago. THANKS, LOVE!!!! 
Words can't describe my excitement!! I just love them, they are soft, comfortable and with a quirky logo - make for me!
Thank you ASOS for making the most incredible clothes and shoes! 

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