Hello everyone!

I want to start by saying that I am extremely sorry I haven't posted anything in a very long time.
I am currently trying to find a camera to take photos of my outfits without the help of my partner or someone else. I should be back for good in maximum a month and also, the quality of my blog will be much professional, which is what I want to achieve.
I am very active on my social pages, so if you want to follow me, links are below:

Instagram: @andravaida
Twitter: @AndraVaida
Facebook: Andra Vaida 

Now back to our sheep :) I am currently selling my Burberry Wellington Rain Boots on eBay , so if you think that you may want a pair of shoes to keep you feet dry, don;t hesitate. It's a 'buy now' type of listing, so first one to pay will receive them :D

I hope to get back in bussiness ASAP ! I miss blogging enormously

Andra xoxo

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