As I promised a very long time ago, I am back and I have a new camera that should allow me to take better quality pictures (that if I managed to work my head around it and use it properly - I must say I am not very good with technology, we don't quite get along )

Today I had the first change to play with my camera and you'll see the results,but firstly Today I Learned:

1. I found out that I must buy a remote control - taking photos using the self timer and having to press the button every single time can be a pain - word!
2. Need to work more on focusing the camera on myself and not the background, memorise everything about ISO, aperture, shutter speed. At a moment is a trial and error kind of situation.
3. Leia wants attention and would do anything for it, even if that means almost destroying the camera 3 times.
4. Buy a new pair of black pants, left the others at home (Ro) - I tend to pack too many things
5. Buy a tripod
6. Enjoy the sunlight

Moving on now, let's talk fashion!
I had a very busy day, between Uni and things I had to do, I managed to wake up at 9.30, put some make-up on - no girl likes their 'I just woke up and I'm grumpy' face- went to lectures and a meeting, get sick and almost faint on my way back home and walk Leia . 


       The look is designed to keep me warm and be in trend. I've hidden my messy hair under the burgundy hat, so problem sorted. This is the only pop of colour for this look, it is just enough to make everything look glamorous and chic, without being too much alongside the monochrome pieces.
The furry collar was a late Christmas gift from my friend Loredana and it makes my hair beautifully while keeping me warm.
Simple gold accessories in contrast to the silver detailing on the pleather jacket and boots

Strong fearless make-up look to accentuate my eyes and be a 'bad' girl. Tones of purple, dark brown,bronze and a pop of gold on the inner corner of the eye.
Fragrance of the moment is the romantic La Vie est Belle by Lancôme.

Hat - H&M
Jacket - H&M
Furry Collar - H&M
White shirt - Asos
Black top - ZARA
Jeggings - Sainsbury's
Bag - ZARA
Watch - Michael Kors sold by Asos
Glasses - Tom Ford

With Love,

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