1st of March is officially the beginning of the spring and in my culture we celebrate "Mărţişorul"We mark this day by offering people a white and red string tied in a bow, it is an old tradition. The one who wears such a bow will be healthy and strong the year to come. 
Because it's just me and my boyfriend, I gave him the nice bow in the morning and we decided to for a walk and enjoy the sun - we don't get to see it very often considering that we live in the UK. 

Thank you Vlad for taking these lovely pictures for me, even though you hate people staring at us!

                The outfit I picked for the day is build around the dark green skirt from ZARA, a recent purchase I must add. Saw it in while browsing the shop and couldn't walk out without it. I noticed that recently, I've became kinda obsessed with this colour.(Must stop buying an entire wardrobe of clothes in dark green - mantra).
               Basic white T-shirt, tartan oversized shirt to keep me warm and my dear white blazer with gold buttons. To match them - the huge necklace which is like a pop of bling - if you haven't noticed by now, I love my BLING!-
               The wine coloured hat goes beautifully with the skirt while keeping my head warm - perfect combo!

Hope you enjoy the look !


Hat - H&M
Necklace - Primark
T-Shirt - ZARA
Oversized tartan shirt - Forever21
Blazer - ZARA
Skirt - ZARA
Boots - Office Shoes
Bag - ZARA

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