Late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Ladies !


           8th of March is the International Women's Day. The day we celebrate our moms, aunts, grandmothers, girl friends and every lady out there.
I hope you all received love, hugs and flowers, or at least a text message from the loved ones. 

           Personally, I treated myself with a relaxing Hot Yoga class at Your Yoga Studio. I recently started going to this sort of classes, and I must admit - LOVE IT! It fills me up with energy and positivity for the entire day. Yes- the heat, sweating and dizziness during a class is quite off putting, but it's worth it! 

I also, received lovely flowers from my man. Lovely pink and white flowers, just up my street!

 The silver earrings, I spotted in a window shop and I it was at first sight. They are pretty, elegant and very sparkly, just what I like. Recently, my ears have been acting up and I had to stop wearing metal earrings. Therefore, the silver option would've been a perfect choice for my poorly ear lobes. Next thing I know, I'm in the shop trying them on and my man paying for them. Loveliest gift, I am a very lucky girl and  I cannot put in words how much I appreciate everything he does for me.

Also, it was time for a 'not so relaxing evening' because it was time for a new set of gel nails. Result: nice pink nails and accent pearl nails. I think they look very pretty and chic, perfect for a lady. What do you think: are they to simple or just perfect? 

I felt loved all day long, and I am proud to be a woman! 

Happy birthday, my ladies ! 


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