A Freezing Night


It's all about that MUFF!

I wanted one ever since I first saw Scarlet from "Gone with the Wind" wearing a brown real fur one.
That was the moment that I decided I needed one in my life.
I now have my very own white muff that doubles as a bag too.The pocket size is large enough to house a few of my things (iPhone, keys, cards, Sony QX10 lens and of course, a lipstick)
It's been very cold here and this new addition will keep my hands warm and cosy for this winter.

Faux Fur Hat - River Island
Knitted Jumper - ZARA
Faux Fur Muff - ASOS
Boots - Office Shoes

Lotta Love,

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  1. I love the muff! I need one in my life, too! Great outfit! You look amazing!

    Diamond. Scissors. Fabric.

    1. Thank you dear! 😃 you need to get one for yourself, it's so warm and cosy ! And thank you for the lovely words! X