Not your regular outfit, right ?

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's day because of many reasons...too many to lay down here. However, I do like to use it as an excuse to purchase new items I wanted for a long time and dress more daringly. If the day of love is not the perfect one to wear a c o r s e t, then I don't know what other day would be more ...!

I have been obsessed with corsets over jumpers, shirts, tees or satin spaghetti strap tops for a while, but I lacked the courage to just put one on and dare to bare it all.
Therefore, today's look is a gathering of my fave latest trends out there:

* fishnet tights
* statement sweatshirts
* corsets

. . . and I think it turned out really cool, casual yet feminine, without being tacky. The corset accentuates the waist and is reminiscent of a fitted dress, yet the sweater is off-setting all of that giving it a casual vibe. The light tone of blue in combination with the yellow allows the red corset to POP 
and be the centre of attention.

Today, I will not be a classy lady because I want a vegan burger and some chips to celebrate love. But then again, I am not your typical girl ;-) I have been with my other half for 7 years now, and this day is just an excuse to spend some extra time together + maybe a movie and some popcorn. Simple !

I choose to be different on Valentine's Day !

What will you wear on this day ? Will you celebrate love or just enjoy a girls night out?

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