Summer has ended in style

As many of you might know, I have recently returned from the beautiful Italian Puglia region where Vlad and I spent a week in the sun. Basically, doing nothing but eat pizza and sit in the sun everyday.

I have posted loads (I mean a loads) of photos while away, but I wanted to post some here as well. Let's be honest, the clear, blue water had to be online for ever !

We had a great time and we both deserved a nice treat, plus ... we got engaged ! (will talk more about that in a future post)

As always, for my outfits, I've chosen mostly SheIn, with a touch of Asos here and there ;)

I found this gorgeous long kimono while browsing SheIn and I thought it would be perfect for beach or even as a home robe - which I am still using even after my holiday. The light fabric makes it perfect for everyday use, plus it's quite chic with those cute storks on it <3 (no baby on the way though ;-) )

Let me know if you'd like a video or a story-time of our engagement, I'd be more than happy to write a few words about it <3

Now... let the wedding planing begin !

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