How to wear Mom Jeans


I found the perfect pair of Mom Jeans ! & I can't contain my excitement,

I have been on the look-out for the perfect pair for the last 6 years. My first pair of Mom Jeans, I purchased from a thrift shop in Romania, they were Levi's and were amazing. However, I must have lost them when moving to the UK and I am really bummed :-(

It is difficult to find that one PERFECT pair - the one that shows off the hips and thighs without making them look bulky - the one that is stiff denim and tightens up everything fitting perfectly in the right places

Here is my fave pair of Mom jeans - the ASOS Farleigh Slim Mom Jeans in Prince Light Wash with Busted Knees in Lightwash blue

P.S. Don't forget you check out other smaller shops or even thrift shops for pieces such as this, as those usually have vintage and disstressed denim.
They are everything I wanted and more -  but let me move on and actually show you 3 of my favourite ways to wear them

1. Elegant and chic - this is for those of you who are looking to add a bit of glamour and spice into your outfit. The wrap navy corduroy top is a very romantic addition to my wardrobe - the fit and design of it encompass my idea of an elegant piece. I think any off the shoulder piece gives just a hit of skin without being offensive.

- To add a bit more sparkle, I added a ruffle Pearl and Lace chocker that is very delicate and brings the eyes to the exposed shoulder and neck area

- The shoes are inspired by the all so popular now Dior ones with ankle straps, however I don'y and won't want to invest in those, therefore these are a great inspired piece that will last me for a long time and I will be able to wear a lot. The complete the outfit beautifully.


2. Not so casual - a lace sleeveless top that is sexy and romantic with an edgy faux leather jacket = everything a girl needs to feel amazing. The length of the top is perfect to emphasise the curves - you know by now that I'm all about feeling comfortable in our own skin -no matter the size. I kept the same pieces for the bottom half to show you how a simple top and jacket can change an outfit.


3. Everyday Jane - casual without a doubt. On very relaxed day when I don't feel like doing anything I like to go for basics. The basic tee is a simple & timeless -> you can never go wrong with a V neck. I paired the look with my Fenty Puma Slides and some classic Chanel sunglasses I purchased in Italy about 2 years ago. I don;t mind investing in bags, sunglasses or shoes that I know I will always wear - even after a couple of years.


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