Rocking the band T-shirt


Today, I have for you some great news (maybe great just for me, who knows :-) ) - I have finally decided to post 3 times a week on the blog and one Youtube video every Sunday. Who is excited about new content, new looks, reviews and styling tips/ideas ? (if you have any particular things you would like to me talk or style, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page)

Moving on, in today's look I wanted to focus on band T-shirt and how easy it is to be stylish yet sophisticated while wearing it. 
A basic band tee with big lettering,  nice geometric print (in my case the boyfriend's Motorhead T-shit, you can find it here for just £18) accessorised with a few delicate and feminine pieces such as the Saint Laurent Monogram Croc-Embossed bag and the Asos Pointed Heels = all you need to feel comfortable yet put together on a busy day :D

This is how I give the impression that I actually made an effort on a day when maybe I didn't even had time for breakfast 

I loved how the silver hardware of the bag matches the silver buckle on the ankle, otherwise the outfit is pretty simple and basic. And the best thing, any thrift shop has one tee similar for £5 or less.

Investing in key accessories&pieces makes all the difference and can bring a very plain outfit into the light :-) More recently, I've been very inspired by minimalist looks and mood boards, so prepare for more similar content 

I am very excited to blog more often, but until Friday, see you on Instagram or Facebook 

Yours truly,


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