From day to night


It's that time of the year when the weather is getting worse and many start school or University.
To help someone (anyone would be nice) I have shot some cute photos of the same look, with the only difference being the accessories.

I found this cute jumper with a Banksy print at Moco Museum in Amsterdam and, since I've always been amazed by his work, I knew it would serve me well at some point. A simple piece such as this crisp, white jumper can be a great item to own as it is useful (you can wear it everywhere and anywhere, basically), the cotton fabric composition is amazing (extremely soft and smooth to the touch) with a basic cut and fit (to suit everyone)

Recently, I've been obsessed with minimalist looks and today's is not further from that - sticking to B&W is a safe bet for every worker or student, plus you don't have to worry about matching patterns or colours.
The joggers in faux leather are a great addition to any girl looking for easy chic looks. They are comfortable, easy to mix and match with other basics and most importantly, stain proof ! I personally enjoy having clothes that aren't very sensitive or I can be a bit more rough with...I'm a bit of a tomboy ;)

From day to night using the same look:

For the daytime look I added my most comfortable loafers and my trusty laptop for a run to the coffee shop where I can work and enjoy some great food. If you are in a hurry, this is a great look as it's easy to throw on and be out of the house in less than 10 minutes. Hair in a bun and I'm good to go!

Trousers: Asos | Sweater: Moco Museum | Shoes: Aliexpress | Frames: Pieces | Watch: FitBit

For the night time look, I added a pair of heels, some long sparkly earrings and a basic white bag that is able to fit my loafers in. Easy peasy !
To avoid the need to do my hair, a sleek and low ponytail is a great choice allowing you to do it in front of the bathroom mirror at work or Uni. 

Side note: everything is really comfy too

Trousers: Asos | Sweater: Moco Museum | Bag: ZARA | Shoes: ZARA | Frames: Pieces | Watch: FitBit 

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