Hello lovelies, welcome to the 6th day of March aka 6th day of Spring! I can't believe how quickly days seem to pass by, it's pretty insane ! It seems like only yesterday, we were celebrating New Year's Eve, and now...it's almost Mother's Day! This makes me very happy because it means that soon enough the month of May will be here, which means one thing only - Birthday PRESENTS!!

However, there is still some time until then and I am taking every day as it comes. 
Today, I was exicted to catch the beautiful rays of sun that were lighting up the entire Liverpool around lunch-time. 
I ran from the gym, prepared a quick lunch and set up the camera to shoot.

The result: a beautiful & sophisticated look in the glistening sunshine!

If you've read my previous blog post where I was showing you my Spring Wishlist, you would have seen this white ruffle shirt from SheIn.
I had to get it, I just had to ! The combination of this top with silver zip and ruffles and the ankle length black ZARA trousers, is pure GOALS. The delicate touch of feminism and simplicity is my jam at the moment. 
I can't get enough of basic shirts. They are just so easy to wear and match with anything, plus they will make any look just a wee bit more composed. 

To finish the look, I just added my favourite earrings by Galmati and a pair of old nude kitten heels that I've kept thinking that they will come back into style, and uhh... I was right ! Kitten heels are all over the high-street and designer shops, it's insane ! 
I think they are the perfect pair of heels to own: cute, elegant and comfortable !

I just love how this whole look turned out <3 I kinda needed a jacket after being outside for half an hour, but it was worth it !

What are your favourite pieces to wear in the sunshine ?

Ruffle Shirt | Trousers | Earrings | Heels

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