Hats have been around since...well, forever. Men used to wear hats like women used to wear jewellery, always different & matching their outfits. However, hats are more than just an accessory that was adopted by women, it is the difference between basic vs. cool, kitsch vs. classy 
It can set you apart from everyone else whether you're at a formal event or just running around the city.
Since I have been wearing my hats (way) too much this month (this is my 2nd post wearing the same one), I've decided to tackle the same old question, HOW TO WEAR HATS

There are a few simple steps to keep in mind, follow these and you'll be one of the "cool kids" (for lack of a better word),

Note: I know there are many types of hats, from beanies to fedoras & from the baseball cap to the classic men's hat there is everything fir everyone, but in this post I''ve tried to give you tips that will fit any of the above.

I am currently writing this at 3:20am and I need to be awake at 7:30am, so let's see how coherent I can be. Bear with me if there are any spelling mistakes, but it's late and I can't see very well, however I'm feeling inspired.

Choose it for you

No matter the shape or size, face it! You have to choose a hat that fits your hair and face shape, if you have a very tiny face and want a huge floppy hat, the chances are you will be overwhelmed by it and the hat will engulf you entirely. If you have a square face, pick something that is more asymmetrical to balance out the sharp jawline, while if you are one of the lucky few & the "ïdeal" heart shaped face, you can pick any of the styles out there. The choice is yours.

Have patience

Rome wasn't built in a day !
So, don't rush any purchase because you might regret it later. From choosing the colour to be right for you, to deciding the occasion and outfit you'd like to wear it with, enjoy every step of the journey. Make sure the hat you pick complements your look and doesn't just clash with everything else. If you are wearing an all black look, choose a bold red or pink hat. On the other hand, I would say muted colours such as grey, beige or camel would look great on younger ladies, but might be draining on those who are 40+ unless worn with a bold lip. Age tends to drain us of that natural peachy colour.

Wear it and add to it

If you are looking to purchase a hat, start browsing large department or high-street stores; nowadays it can be very easy to find the perfect one. Try a few colours, styles and shapes, and most of all, don't be scared, because that one you might think isn't right for you might actually be the perfect one.

Play around with your hat, walk around the house with it to see how it feels and pick looks from your wardrobe to match it with. You want to get the most out of your hat, so wear it multiple times in a row. You'll learn things you love (shape, colour, style) or things you hate about it. I generally tend to get annoyed with my hats if they don't fit properly (I have a tiny head) so I either have to pin it down to stand the wind test or just change my hairstyle to something more "puffy".

Also, a hat goes best with a nice bold lip colour, a nice scarf or even a sophisticated pearl pin. Accessorise your hat by tying aroung the brim a vintage Gucci scarf and you'll be ready to conquer the day ! Make sure there is a perfect harmony between every piece you put together


I decided to dress up and be more formal by wearing my new stilettos and grey trousers, yet fun and sophisticated wearing my SheIn bow embellished shirt (click here to purchase) . This shirt is my latest obsession in terms of style, wear and feel. The bows are such a pretty detail to an otherwise basic blue shirt. Details are key !

I think everything ties in with the advice above:
* I picked a nude colour to complement the look and balance out the stark black pair of patent stilettos
* I added a pair of Ray Ban aviators and a scarf to the look
* I picked a hat that elongates my long face

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