Vegetarian Protein Waffles - The lazy version


Today, I posted my brekkie and people really seemed to enjoy it and asked for the recipe. 
Disclaimer: This is a vegetarian waffler, rather than my usual vegan food, however recently I have been trying out some vegetarian options to help those who are too scared to jump straight into veganism. This is a quick and lazy option for a delicious breakfast <3
I more often make the waffles or pancakes myself, however today I was too tired and needed some breakfast ASAP

1 x High Protein Blueberry Waffle (shop here)
10g Blueberries
76g Strawberries
14g Raspberries
5g Walnuts (get in those healthy fats)
4g Desiccated Coconut
3g Agave Syrup

Macros: 41g C / 13g F / 22g P
Kcal: 378


1. Put the waffle into the toaster
2. Prepare the toppings & add them to your waffle
3. Sprinkle the coconut and drizzle some agave syrup
4. Dig in

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, let me know if you like this sort of posts and whether you would like me to write more about my diet, meal ideas, etc.

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